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Drawing for who?

This project explores the idea or giving a drawing or message to someone anonymously and exclusively. Something unique that only they have. 

This developed as a result of Getting to know who- a project last term which set up an anonymous pen pal situation with an exchange between two people unknown to each other. 

This time however, passers by who find the envelope are invited to take the note that the last person left for you and in its place leave one for the next person.

This uses a chance factor of discovering and chosing to engage with the envelope.

You give and recieve and have a responsibility and trust placed upon you to consider who could be the next person to discover your message in the envelope. 

The point at which something is public and then become private is interesting. In this case the messages left in the envelope are public for a brief time until an exchange happens and one is taken in the place of another. That message exits the the public and possibility of anybody seeing it and becomes private and personal.

It is a more initmate exchange between two strangers who have given and received something specifcally from another whithout knowing who.

The artwork is only for the people who find it and engage with it. 

There is a cetain level of trust and responsibility on every person to have these considerations and be empathetic to all those who, like you, walked though this place and stopped at this bench. 

I also find this difference between physical and online places interesting and how our behaviour shifts between the two. 


 In the online space it could be argued that it's easier to  forget and be ignorant to who might read what youve written and how it could affect them and the platform of being anonymous often used to voice opinions you otherwise wouldn't if you could be associated with them. 

Bringing this anonymity into the tangible, physical world perhaps requires a more immdiate thought and care. Anyone who walks past and opens the envleope could see what you have written or drawn so perhaps this changes thinking.

They are similar however in that both online and on the bench impact or repercussions of what you have said cannot be controlled or predicted, since you cannot control who sees it so once you have left  your message you have lost control of where it might end up and who it could impact.


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