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Notebooks and experiments

It took quite a lot of research, looking at other books, experimenting with drawing and text to initially start working and understanding how my ideas and interests could fit into a book form successfully. I tried a few different methods of biding, had discussions around what the layout or way of reading book gives to the understanding of its content.

It remained very important to me to make my own books and begin to grasp different techniques and practice these skills. I explored various methods of binding, making covers and different qualities of the paper. 

Initially I wanted to explore the mass of people as a crowd, how this could be represented visually. But alongside this I always had the interest of hearing personal narratives or opinions as well. Thus I began to set out to strike the balance between depicting a crowd as a mass of strangers but also through observation text and drawing begin to explore what we can learn in the brief moment of watching or listening to someone. Whether these judgments are true or not we may never know, but the process of projecting onto a person, traits and beliefs based on a small interaction became a subject of interest.

These moments are both valuable but also easily forgettable and arguably not as deeply meaningful as more intimate interactions with friends of family.

I began using a notebook as a journal of observation, made small books about the time we have to know people when we are simply travelling in the same direction on a train for instance. How the mass of strangers resembles the sea and the enormity and power of a group but how small we are as individuals.

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