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So I don’t know you and you don’t know me, 

But being part of the crowd is our similarity, 

For a moment I watch you go about your day, 

And in that second you matter. I understand you in some way,

You have my attention but never for long, 

As before I know it you’ve passed by and gone.


Questions about crowds, community and interaction are at the centre of my practice, using drawing and text to investigate, and in some cases create dynamics between people who happen to be in the same place. I do this with the hope of encouraging empathy to develop by offering an insight or new understanding between people in a social context. 


Through my own observations and speculations I attempt to expose some of the intrigue and humour that comes from simply giving attention to those around you. There is also often an element of inviting others to be involved in the process, whether that be in conversation, answering questions, leaving an object to be found or inviting them to write and draw. This is done in order to expose fleeting moments that reveal a small glimpse of a person within a mass of strangers, as well as to explore the experience of community and thus, the contrast of separation to belonging. 

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