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The Crowd

This book is about those moments of noticing an individual in the crowd, and for a moment, watching, hearing and knowing them in some way. Before this moment quickly passes and they are forgotten and lost in the mass again. 

Less is More

This concertina book folds out  like a landscape and contains ink drawings where I used items found in places I was in to draw with.

This intended to explore the notion of people, and how they  can be a part of and so connected to a place. As a passer by it is not possible to truly understand the feelings and features of this place in the same way.  

Also the landscape features small figures within it. Initially they are hard to pick out amongst the busy ink drawing but as the book folds out the detail and chaos lessons to a simpler image and the figures are then far more visible. .

This was done with the intention of depicting how when our attention is spread and we are in a a busy environment, individuals have less attention specifically on them and they can get lost. Where as in a quieter setting they stand out and we can easily give attention to each. Perhaps this is why people from smaller groups and communities. 

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