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Chalk Talk

This piece is about the trace we leave on a place and the lives we live become faded and blurred over time. 

This could be by other people walking in the same place, the weather or how many other people or activities share the place and can casue a change or disruption. 

I wrote on the doorstep to my house all about the people who live inside, what we do and our stories. The doorstep being a place we cross everyday in all states both to arrive and leave. The moment we cross over from public to private space. 

Whenever the words get smudged or wash away I rewrite them, causing a tension and fighting the movement and change.This represents our persistence  in leaving a mark of our lives.

This is the struggle we face between living and creating the stories, giving time to document them and fight the fact that they fade with time as other things happening.

I would now like next to do this on a larger scale as an event and invite the whole street to chalk their front steps with stories and drawings. The street could then be explored like an exhibition. However these  stories are only clear for a moment but they soon become blurred and start to fade.

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