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Invitations sent to every house on Portland Street to come on a walk on Sunday afternoon and then have tea and biscuits. 

The route was a result of the responses to the first postcard asking where the first daffodils in Lancaster were seen. 

In the middle of the walk we would stop and draw together. 



Notes from the event-

Waiting I felt incredibly nervous and enormous pressure on myself as all I had was to be myself and hope that was enough and that being in company was enough. 

Six women came. We stood talking, introducing one another. 

Then walking.

Conservation about the area, the community, wildlife, walks, gardening. 

We stopped to decide a path then took the moment to draw.Conversation turned to how enjoyable it was to stop and draw and that we should do it every month. Then back to gardening again. We drew for twenty minutes or half an hour maybe then continued walking. Conversation turned to art and wildlife.

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