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Elkstone is small village in rural Gloucestershire and the place I grew up. 

Villages have changed immensely in recent history and you often hear stories of nostalgia for the past community. 

This project was to capture and explore the stories which made up the identity of a village- treasuring the past and also celebrating the village as it is now and welcoming it's current identity.  

Opening conversation on questions about community and inviting personal stories to be shared. It was wonderful to hear stories from those who were born and lived in the village their whole life and those who had only recently moved.

Over a series of coffee mornings we shared stories, showed photographs, drawings and maps of the place we all lived. 

All these stories shared we then made into small books which made up a story trail around the village on its annual gardens open day for villagers and visitors to enjoy. 

My huge thanks goes to Elkstone village and all those who shared their stories, got behind the project and to Barbara Luck for making beautiful covers for the books.

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