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Is it necessary to identify as part of a group?




What types of relationships and interactions are most meaningful? 




Does being part of a group make you feel safer?

Being shielded from the wind in close proximity with others gave a mutual acknowledgement and acceptance of presence which made it easier to springboard conversation. Sitting in a tight circle encouraged eye contact and talking about interaction made us acknowledge the interaction all the more. The experience reminded me of sharing a hiding spot with someone when playing hide and seek as a child; believing you are unseen to outsiders and sharing in that exclusivity. 

-Hannah Ferreira

Being inside the windbreak was a little chilly! But it was nice to feel like part of a little group and to feel protected from the wind together! I didn't originally know the other people in my group, but spending time being isolated like that took away the awkward aspect and forced us to talk to each other. Having a topic to discuss was also a good icebreaker, as we knew that we were all forced to discuss the same thing, which stopped those from knowing each other to resort to discussing past events that they have experienced together etc. It was a really quick way of getting to know people! 

- Beth Vuckovic

"Sorry, we just have to ask, we are intrigued: What's going on here?" 

I enjoyed it, I think the weather being so nasty made the experience particularly good. The shelter provided by the windbreaks was far greater than I expected. My group discussed something along the lines of "is it important to identify as part of a social group". We said yes it was although sometimes we don't put ourselves in these groupings. I chatted with people I hadn't spoken to much before which made the experience more interesting because we were forced to be so close together and almost huddle for warmth.

-Lauren Brockwell

"You're not going to have a picnic are you?"

"You're brave sunbathing in this - good luck"

The windbreaks on the beach event was an intimate experience; not only talking about a personal topic (meaningful relationships and interactions), but also the set up of the enclosed space. I thought it was very suitable to the type of discussion that was going on. It was interesting too how there was a mix of people in the group who I am comfortable having deep conversations with and people who I haven't had that level of conversation with too, it created a varied group dynamic through the 10 minutes. The situation was very private and enclosed contrasted with the open public space surrounding us. 

-Mali Draper

In a little while I'll be gone The moment's already passed Yeah, it's gone

down Below the Break, on the Beach. its warm in here, we are warm in here. we are nervous, yes we are. our question makes us uncomfortable.

I am quiet, dose silence create meaning, the others talk, We listen. An repeated gaze on a train. A familiar face on a walk, no words exchanged.

A silence

I speak ‘its all a bit of chance, right’

Who I know is random, but I have chosen to meet you. My friends at home are chance. My flatmates are chance. I was placed in a flat, I did not chose.

I like that.

-Ollie Bradley- Baker

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